Work Readiness Training

The training offered through P2W came to be known as Work Readiness. Work Readiness is a limited-duration, sector-based training program that helps Indigenous job seekers develop the skills to get and keep employment.


Work Readiness is designed for Indigenous job seekers. It is not necessary for participants to have a high school diploma or previous work experience; what is important is that participants demonstrate the following interests and abilities:

  • Interest in accessing employment in the target occupation(s)
  • Ability to commit to full-time training and employment
  • Ability to manage personal health and family obligations
  • Willingness to develop the skills needed to get and maintain employment


Work Readiness is made up of three components.

Intake screening

  • Provides an opportunity to determine if there is a good match between the interests, goals and needs of potential participants and the training program
  • Identifies participants’ needs that can be addressed through training and supports

Skills training

Skills for Success

  • Provides classroom-based instruction, practice and assessment
  • Addresses adaptability, collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills; and provides opportunities to reflect on and address what’s keeping participants from achieving their goals
  • Incorporates reading, writing, numeracy and digital skills development
  • Offers culturally relevant supports, such as guest speakers and elders for counselling

Occupational health and safety

  • Addresses workplace health and safety requirements relevant to the target occupation(s)
  • Results in industry-recognized certifications

Occupational skills (optional)

  • Addresses occupation- or industry-specific knowledge and skills required on the job
  • Results in marketable occupation- or industry-specific skills

Skills for Success is the national framework that identifies the everyday skills Canadians need for work, learning and life. Click here for more information.

Work experience

  • Offers participants opportunities to apply their skills through a job placement or work practicum
  • Gives participants experience they can include on resumes

Work Readiness in action

Seven Work Readiness cohorts successfully completed the training during the P2W project.
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