P2W Framework

The P2W Framework reflects the P2W vision of designing and delivering training that is centred in partnership and mutual learning.

Taking its organization from the medicine wheel, the framework aligns its four phases with the four seasons, and life stages. At the centre of the framework are the three pillars that underpin Work Readiness training. The medicine wheel is bordered by the principles that guide this work and the animals that characterize the different qualities and strengths necessary to create a healthy ecosystem.

Hover over the phases or tap to see the practices that exemplify the P2W approach to working alongside Indigenous communities to offer Work Readiness training.

Spring Summer Winter Autumn

Developed by team member Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier, the framework is a supportive conceptual structure with enough openness to foster training that is responsive to participant, community and employer needs.

How was the framework created?

What do the animal figures represent?